The Wizard of Oz

THE WIZARD OF OZ – May 18-22, 2011 at the Mesa Arts Center

Like so many girls her age, little Dorothy Gale of Kansas dreams of what lies over the rainbow. One day a twister hits her farm and carries her away over the rainbow to another world. Come join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel the universe of Dorothy’s imagination.

Directed by Emma England & Ebony Tucker
Music Direction by Mandie Smithmier
Choreography, Scenic, Costume, Hair, Makeup, and Properties Design by Emma England
Additional Costume Design by Nathalie Koyabe
Lighting Design by Jeff Davis
Sound Design by Aldy Montufar



Ashley Chisenski (Glinda the Good Witch)
Bria Counterman (Dorothy Gale)
Mackenna Goodrich (Scarecrow)
Sammy Montufar the Dog (Toto)
Cameron Pinion (The Wizard)
Mandy Tompkins (West Witch)
Jessica Webb (Tin Man)
Tatum Weight (Cowardly Lion)



Ryan Avery (Mayor of Munchkinland)
Gracie Bare (Munchkin Coroner)
Jacqueline Brecker (Trio, US – Dorothy)
Ally Chisenki (Lollipop League Dancer, US – The Jitterbug)
Jordan Donovan-Schager (Snowflake Queen, US – Aunt Em)
Brooklyn Downs (Trio)
Hudson Downs (Uncle Henry, US – General)
Daphne Filler (Munchkin Braggart)
Mackenzie Hickerson (Guard)
Alaina LaVia (Almira Gultch)
Daniela Montufar (Munchkin Barrister)
Taylor Morgan (Nikko, US – Trio)
Archer Nicholson (Hickory)
Madison Peer (Munchkin City Father)
Taylor Peer (Aunt Em)
Dylan Pinion (Hunk)
Carli Putler (Munchkin City Father)
Julia Severence (Trio, US – Glinda)
Kaleb Tompkins (Zeke)
Ryan Webb (Professor Chester Marvel, US – Wizard)



Marisol Andrade
Rachel Avery (US – Guard Assistant)
Brookelle Barnum
Amory Campbell
Ally Chisenski (Lullabye League)
Megan Codling (Tree, US – Alvira Gulch)
Valerie Codling
Lily Devine
Keegan Donovan-Schager (US – Lollipop Guild)
Alexia Filler
Peyton Filler (Tree)
Lacey Fron
Rebecca Galcik
Amber Galliani
Abby Howk
Elizabeth Jacobs (US – Scarecrow)
Elijah Jenkins (Lollipop Guild)
Joslyn Jenkins
Shade Kerr (Lollipop Guild)
Kayla King (Guard Assistant)
Phoebe Koyabe (Lollipop Guild)
Aubrey Laitsch
Elissa LaVia
Isaiah Lee
Olivia Lee-Daily
Hailey Martin
Madi Martin
Carli McInnis
Daniela Montufar
Anna Ouellette
Jessica Parker
Camryn Page (Tree, US – West Witch)
Julia Petersen
Cameron Pinion
Dylan Pinion
Caitlin Pratt
Mary Pratt
Carli Putler (US – Nikko)
Lauri Putler
Tori Raimondi
Makenna Reid
Caralyne Ronai
Jocelyn Sawyer
Cheney Schmidt (US – Zeke)
Tiffany Sivak
Karina Spletter
Scarlet Summers
Avery Sutton (Guard Assistant)
Bayla Sutton
Kristine Thomas
Belemi Thompson
Makalo Thompson
Savoy Thompson (US – Hickory)
Kaleb Tompkins
Cody Walker
Johnny Walker (Winkie General, US – Tin Man)
Rebecca Webb (US – Munchkin Braggart)
Caden Wheeler (US – Munchkin Mayor)
Kenadi White
Kalli Wiggins (Lullabye League)
Jennifer Wilson
Julie Wilson
Lindsay Woodrum