Pippi Longstocking

PIPPI LONGSTOCKING – December 8-11, 2011 at the Studio 3 Artspace Theater

Pippi is the high spirited, warm hearted incarnation of every child’s dream of freedom and power. Dressed in strange clothes and living with her horse and pet monkey, she possesses supernatural strength and untold wealth. And now the rollicking adventures that put her at odds with the demands of life in a small town fill an effervescent family musical written by Denmark’s celebrated composer/lyricist/recording artist. When Pippi is not dancing with burglars who are trying to steal the gold coins given to her by her father (a pirate who is revered as a king by a tribe of South Sea island cannibals), she is at the circus fighting the strongest man in the world or playing tag with policemen. This uproariously funny musical starring the world’s most popular enfant terrible has played to sold out audiences the world over.


Direction, Properties, Hair, Makeup, Lighting, and Sound Design by Ebony Tucker
Costume & Scenic Design by Emma England
Stage Manager Jordan Donovan-Schager
Stagehands Ryan Donovan-Schager & Gillian Elliott



Lyric Amodia (Mrs Granburg)
Taylor Ganser (Mrs Granburg)
Audrey Potts (Annika)
Caden Wheeler (Tommy)
Carli Putler (Pippi Longstocking)
Elissa LaVia (Pippi Longstocking)
Hannah Collins (Mrs Settergren, Angel Mama)
Alaina Ortiz-LaVia (Mrs Prysselius)
Keegan Donovan-Schager (Thunder)
Makalo Thompons (Bloom)
Breanna Widner (Carnival Manager)
Alex Montufar (Strongman)
Savoy Thompson (Klang)
Hayden Keegan (Larsson, Captain Longstocking)
Abby Potts (Dream Pippi)



Rebecca Hales
Madi Martin
Belemi Thompson