Murder at Crooked House

MURDER AT CROOKED HOUSE – February 24-March 5, 2011

Crooked House is a seedy hotel where the guest pay outrageous rent for shoddy service.  Actually, what they are paying is — Blackmail!  Arriving on the scene is that famous Hoboken detective, Hercules Porridge.  He’s inept but very funny.  A corpse is discovered in the sitting room and a beautiful secretary is done in by deadly orchid juice.  The guest list includes a mystery writer, Anguish Crispie, an eccentric young man who dresses like a jungle explorer, and a strange actress who always dresses in black.  Colonel Chutney, a crazy neighbor, thinks the year is 1880 and he’s in India.  Jeeves, the butler, has a wandering mind. Thrills and chills collide with sidesplitting laughter as the case is surprisingly solved by Detective Porridge.


Original Script by Tim Kelly
Additional Script by Emma England & Ebony Tucker
Direction by Ebony Tucker
Costume, Scenic, Hair, Makeup, & Properties Design by Emma England
Lighting Design by Aldy Montufar



Cameron Delaney (Bum)
Ryan Donovan-Schager (Faye Strange)
Gillian Elliott (Policewoman Mulligan)
Brandon Glazier (MC/Narrator)
Tarah Ingraham (Anguish Crispie)
Rosemary Kingsley (Bridget Moriarty)
Phoebe Koyabe (Hercules Porridge)
Carli McInnis (Alex – Student/Forensic)
Jacqueline Palmer (MC/Narrator)
Madison Peer (Julie – Student/Forensic)
Taylor Peer (Rebecca Fitzwilliam)
Kacee Perry (Carol – Waitress)
Carli Putler (Shirley the Maid)
Lauri Putler (Judy – Waitress)
Makenna Reid (Elise Bauer)
Mike Roden (Colonel Chutney)
Shawna Roden (Nurse Payne, Ginger – Waitress)
Nathanial Ross (Jeeves the Butler)
Jocelyn Sawyer (Stacey – Student/Forensic)
Tiffany Sivak (Penny Russell)
Justin Vredevoogd (Detective Bobby)
Victoria Vredevoogd (Pamela – Waitress)
Cody Walker (Mark Palegrave)
Johnny Walker (Leon Russell)
Jessica Webb (Policewoman Mulligan)
Ryleigh Weight (Delivery Person)