The Cast of The Lion King Jr.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for The Lion King Jr with Limelight Performing Arts. If you were not cast, we invite you to audition again for future shows. Keep auditioning, keep trying, and keep training!

Note: There are 3 sets of named roles for this production (Pridelands Cast, Savanna Cast, and Jungle Cast). Not all casts will have equal numbers of shows. If you have a role AND Ensemble next to your name, this is because you will be performing in the Ensemble in the shows you are not the named role. At the cast and parent meeting on Wednesday we will discuss casting and show assignments in more detail. At that time, we will let you know which animal you will be playing if you are in the ensemble.   **Please let us know ASAP if you are NOT planning to participate in the show and are declining your role.


There is a MANDATORY all cast and parents meeting THIS Wednesday, November 15 at 7:00pm. Every cast member must have a responsible adult representative present. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


You do not need to fill anything out in advance of the meeting.


DIDN’T AUDITION FOR THE SHOW? Consider auditioning for one of our upcoming productions: “The Sparrow” (a non-musical play) and “Willy Wonka Kids” (musical), and later this spring “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (musical). 

To get on the email list for info on our next auditions, Fill out the form HERE.



Owen Aspinall – Timon
Sophie Aspinall – Ensemble
Ava Barela – Rafiki, Ensemble
Sadie Bates – Ensemble
Zoe Bauerle – Ensemble
Emma Benham – Ensemble
Jordan Brent – Ensemble
Cory Brooks – Zazu, Ensemble
Olivia Brydon – Sarabi, Lioness
Elliot Burns – Nala, Ensemble
Libby Carr – Serafina
Kylan Chait – Young Simba
Jorian Chait – Mufasa
Natalie Cline – Ensemble
Quincy Cowans – Simba, Mufasa
Davina Crowl – Ensemble
Rihanna Crowl – Ensemble
Brailyn Cuberson – Ensemble
Angelica D’Escoto – Rafiki
Gabby D’Escoto – Ensemble
Kostner Deacy – Pumbaa, Ensemble
Liam Dinyes – Ensemble
Teagan Dinyes – Zazu
Brynna Dunn – Serafina, Lioness
Marguerite Durma – Ed
Paige Erdmann – Lioness
Vincent Farley – Pumbaa
Shaylee Flanagan – Sarabi, Lioness
Shayla Forero – Ensemble
Kaylee Forth – Ensemble
William Friedman – Ensemble
Gracie Gamble – Nala
Jordan Gingell – Scar
Ashton Grantham – Serafina, Lioness
Marin Halvorson – Ed
Ryley Hansen – Timon
Kayla Hardin – Banzai, Ensemble
Zoe Hatzi – Ensemble
McKenna Henry – Ensemble
Miranda Horovitz – Ensemble
Baylee Horvath – Young Simba, Ensemble
Aaliyah Iniguez – Ensemble
Illeannah Iniguez – Ensemble
Joselynn Jensen-Rogers – Ensemble
Kayla King – Rafiki, Lioness
Amelia Knight – Ensemble
Ella Koglmeier – Ensemble
Hailey Laidig – Young Nala, Ensemble
Catherine Lazarou – Ensemble
Lauren Lewis – Ensemble
Garrett Lindsey – Mufasa, Simba
Hannah Luo – Ensemble
Emma Manning – Shenzi
Anderson Maughan – Ensemble
Caity Miller – Banzai, Scar
Zacary Nelson – Ensemble
Connor Olden – Ensemble
Julia Pitman – Young Nala, Ensemble
Reagan Plank – Pumbaa, Lioness
Logan Queen – Banzai
Audra South – Young Nala, Ensemble
Preston South – Ensemble
Abby Springer – Timon, Ensemble
Savannah Springer – Ensemble
Monica Suarez – Ensemble
Mia Tarwater – Shenzi, Lioness
Olivia Timothy – Zazu, Sarabi
Brandon Trudelle – Simba
Keith Varty – Ensemble
Izzy Vazquez – Ensemble
Savannah Wetch – Ensemble
Kaitlyn Woodward – Young Simba, Ensemble
Meredith Woodward – Shenzi, Ensemble
Olivia Woodward-Shaw – Nala
Ava Wright – Ensemble