Theatre Welcome Form – Sparrow

Cast Welcome Information - Sparrow

Congratulations on being cast and welcome to the show! Please fill out all the information in the form below.
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  • About the Performer

  • Please list your age and grade level. You can also add recent shows and/or favorite roles you've played. You may want to include an interesting fact about yourself or your hobbies, and don't forget anyone you wish to thank or mention!
  • Strike Preferences

    All performers are responsible for having 2 people over the age of 14 to help with strike. Strike is essentially the cleanup and teardown of the show. It includes disassembling the set, laundering and putting away costumes, etc.
  • Must be age 14 or older.
  • If performer put "self."
  • Preproduction Assistance

    All performer families are required to put in 10 hours of pre-production work toward things like set building, costuming, collecting, sponsors, etc.
  • Let us know if your talents include the following: using power tools, set building, sewing by hand, sewing by machine, crafting, organizing, typing, photography, graphic design, making the bio board, organizing promo events, getting sponsors, etc. (FOR EXAMPLE: Dad (John) can help with building. Mom (Jane) can come in daytime for pulling costumes or can help make the bio board. OR Performer will be completing all hours (over age 14) and would like to do painting and crafts.
    Please comment on the next question what time you are available.
  • Production Assistance

    We ask that each family commit to working at least 3 shifts during tech and performances. Please indicate your preferences/availability below.
    Please enter the dates you can work during the show. You may not watch a show you are working for.
    Please enter the dates you can work during the show. You may not watch a show you are working for.
    We will let you know via email if you have been selected for a scholarship/work study.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.