Congratulations to the Cast of Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Congratulations to the Cast of Sideways Stories from Wayside School!

We had a huge turnout of incredibly talented actors, but we couldn’t cast you all. Please don’t get discouraged if you were not cast. It’s not that we didn’t like you or you weren’t talented – we just don’t have enough speaking roles for everyone. Keep auditioning!

Didn’t get cast? Consider signing up for 101 Dalmations which starts THIS SATURDAY! Roles will be cast Saturday morning at this first rehearsal. This no-cut production is a great way for you to get involved with a show and gain valuable performing and acting training.


Please fill out your cast welcome form HERE no later than Monday, January 16 to accept your role OR we will contact the alternates to fill your spot. Alternates, you do not need to fill out a form or attend the meeting. We will contact you if you are needed for the show.



Owen Aspinall – Todd
Rebecca Benham – Councilor Pickle
Jordan Brent – Mrs Jewls
Libby Carr – Mrs Gorf
Teagan Dinyes – Myron
Paige Erdmann – Rondi
Vincent Farley – Mr Kidswatter
Kai Haemmerle – Sammy
Brock Heckert – Louis
Mckenna Henry – Miss Zarves
Hailey Laidig – Joy
Caitlyn Miller – Miss Valooosh
Karis Puckett – Bebe
Amira Russell – Dameon
Peyton Shoffner – Leslie’s Pigtails/Maurecia
Abby Springer – DeeDee
Savannah Springer – Substitute Gorf
Mia Tarwater – Leslie
Abigale Wallington – Miss Mush
Savannah Wetch – Allison
Melina Wittke – Kathy

Alternates (in alphabetical order – we will contact you if you are needed for the show) Zoe Bauerle, Emma Benham, Shayla Forero, Kaylee Forth, Ashton Grantham, Savannah Swiatkowski.

If you were not cast, or are listed as an alternate, if you are interested in working a tech role for this show in special effects and performing as an understudy, let us know. A tech role would be a non-speaking role where you perform specific sound effect and lighting cues throughout the show – these roles are just as important as the actors, but you are “behind the scenes”, not seen on stage.