Congratulations to the Cast of TARZAN

Congratulations to the cast of TARZAN!

TARZAN – Connor Brigola
TERK – Austin Porter
JANE – Audrey Coleman
KERCHAK – Nicholas Caglia
KALA – Annabelle Skala (US Shayna Padjen)
JAGUAR/APE – Connor Olden (US Caitlyn Miller)
YOUNG TARZAN – Ava Wright (US Baylee Horvath)
YOUNG TERK – Abigail Springer (US Reagan Plank)
FATHER/PORTER – Jordan Gingell
MOTHER/APE – Shayna Padjen (US Jordan Brent)
CLAYTON – Brett Small
SNIPES – Libby Carr

ENSEMBLE (will be divided into Ape Family & Jungle Creatures)
We will also select Young Tarzan, Young Terk, the 3 Ensemble Soloists, Expedition Crew, & Snipes from the Ensemble

Owen Aspinall
Zoe Bauerle
Emma Benham
Tamara Benham
Jordan Brent
Libby Carr
Marguerit Durma
Paige Erdmann
Shayla Forero
Kaylee Forth
Ashton Grantham
Baylee Horvath
Alex King
Kayla King
Hailey Laidig
Caitlin Miller
Reagan Plank
Savannah Springer
Savannah Swiatkowski
Mia Tarwater
Becca Webb