Congratulations to the Cast of the Sparrow

Congratulations to the cast of the Sparrow! We will have our first rehearsal on Friday, December 29 from 11am-5pm with an all cast and parent meeting immediately following at 5pm. You will receive an email with further information if you are cast. Please plan to bring your participation fee and a separate refundable $25 deposit for your libretto to the first rehearsal.


Ryan Avery – Albert McGuckin, Jonathan Simpson
Rebecca Benham – Joyce McGuckin
Tamara Benham – Principal Skor, Phoebe Marks
Audrey Boberg – Carol Schott
Ciara Bogan – Charlie McGuckin, Young Emily
Libby Carr – Driver
Tilda Ellefson – Sheriff Margaret Rosenthal, Evie Sullivan
Grace Fraser – Coach Gerald Adams
McKenna Henry – Skye Thompson
Caitlin Laidly – Michelle Allen
Drew MacCallum – Emily Book
Jessica Montecalvo – Tammy Adams, Shannon Baker
Jacqueline Rochin – Allison McGrath
Bonnie Wanstreet – Jenny McGrath
Brett Small – Dan Christopher
Becca Webb – Grandmother,Elizabeth Gilbert

Roles still to be cast:
Brad Gomer
Stuart Edgerton
Mark Gilbert